The Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association, a non-profit organization, promotes and maintains high standards of piano teaching by offering opportunity and motivation for the educational growth of teachers and their students.

The organization evolved from informal groups of teachers who met to discuss the latest teaching methods presented by the nationally known music educators brought to the city by Volkwein’s Music Store. From the first gathering of 90 teachers (organized in 1936), PPTA has worked to promote fellowship among piano teachers, to provide continuing education for piano teachers in the organization, and to improve the education of piano students.

The association includes both private teachers and those who serve as instructors in schools and colleges in the Pittsburgh area. PPTA is affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC), and the Pennsylvania Federation of Music Clubs (PFMC).

The information contained on this website is for the use of PPTA members and their students. The use of information from this website by non PPTA members must be approved in advance by the PPTA Board. The use of information from this website for profit is strictly forbidden.

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